Null's Game

The World of Kinsera

In the year 221 Post Sundering (PS), Kinsera is a land divided by it's peoples and countries. Traditionally marred by war and conflict, Kinsera is in a period of uneasy peace, as none of the nations currently has any desire to go to war- at least, not without a very good reason. The last great war, the Draconic War in 199 PS, ended terribly for almost everyone involved, and the scars are still easily seen today.

Humans are the dominant power in Kinsera now, with numerous kingdoms spread out throughout the land- Largely occupying the former Elven kingdom they banded together to shatter during the Sundering War. The Elves themselves, though scattered into several different regions, are still a force to be reckoned with individually, as are the conniving Nekana, the exploration driven Dwarves, and the feral Goblins. Other nations, such as the nomadic Plainsrunners of Leeka and the dragons of Kokoniel prefer to be left alone, though will get involved in the affairs of other nations... If they have something to gain from it.

The uneasy peace doesn't stop the nations from posturing though. Trade agreements are often negotiated over and over, with both sides threatening each other if they don't get their way- And threatening to bring in other nations. For the most part, the peoples tend to keep to themselves, rarely traveling outside of their own nations unless absolutely necessary.

And then, there's Null.

Null is something of a mystery. Claiming citizenship to all nations but belonging to none, she freely walks Kinsera, speaking in riddles and brokering deals and negotiations. Those who know Null can never agree on what, exactly, she is- A purple scaled Dragon, or a black furred Nekana, or a lop eared Plainsrunner. What is known is that she has the ear of several world leaders, and the trust of more.

That is, until rumors began to spread that Null is orchestrating another global conflict, the likes of which threatens to drag the entire world into war once again. The one thing leaders agree on now is that Null must be found and come to answer for her actions.


Player Characters

Kyrie Watanabe

Oleai Canyonsunder

Alda Reiniger

Nasir Blackwing

Non-Player Characters



Places & Races


Al Reis


The Green



New Legayne