Wells - Dragoons - Gunsmiths

Industry, Yo

The primary human nation involved in the Sundering War, Wells took command of the negotiating table at the war's end. As the primary force, Wells claimed right over the cities and factories of the Elven kingdom, and Al Reis was happy to let them take them, while Savortia was in no position to argue, and Partia didn't even have a seat at the table.

Generations later, Wells is an undisputed world power by having made good use of the factories and resources that it won in the Sundering. With the most powerful army and strongest economy in the world, the King of Wells is often considered the most powerful man in the world, even by those who don't openly acknowledge humanity of such stature.

Shortly before the Draconic War, Wells was allied to Kokoniel, and with the help of the Draconic engineers, developed the next generation of weapons, far superior to the flintlocks the Elves had been using for centuries, surpassing them in range and accuracy. These new Longbarrels have been taken up by a special division within Wells' military, the Dragoons.

Wells is a large, extravagant country with a lot of money to throw into their work, and nearly everything they do show it. The military is outfitted with high quality armor with patterns and etchings of various designs and patterns, and the country will more often solve problems by throwing their wealth at it than any real sort of thought.

The faction of Wells is the Dragoons. Armed with Longbarrels, the Dragoons are excellent marksmen and sharpshooters. Easily identified by their ornate bronze armor, the Dragoons seem half soldiers and half decoration, though they're extremely quick to respond to any threat to Wells or it's wellbeing.