Underbog - Dark Elves - Duelists

Dark Elves, Yo

As the Sundering War drew to a close, the united human armies drew ever closer to the throne city of Mediin, the haughty and aristocratic upper class of elves living within began to withdraw. Being composed largely of the upper class of Elven society, the elves were largely unsuited to the rigors of leaving their city lives behind- Especially with the persistent threat of the human armies invading at any moment.

Many of the elves escapes were cut short as the siege of the city began. Personal possessions were left behind and anyone left within the city took cover where ever they could- Including in the culverts under the city. AS the fighting above ground got more and more intense, the elves pushed deeper and deeper underground.

As they pushed through the sewers, the elves made an interesting discovery- A large subterranean cavern under Lagayne, far larger than Mediin itself. Surprising not only in it's location under the most powerful city in the known world at the time, but also for it's incredibly fresh and pure water supply, as well as a variety of wildlife and bio-luminescent fauna and glowing crystals. No longer able to hear the fighting above, the elves decided to settle in to the safety of the swampy cavern, titled the Underbog.

Like the other elven races scattered during the Sundering War, the Elves of Underbog were deeply affected by their environment. They gained a tolerance for low light, as well as darker skin pigments, turning them anywhere between a light gray to nearly black. Their eyes also seemed to take the vibrancy of the crystals dotting the Underbog, turning almost glowing shades of yellow, bright green, blue, and red. Unlike the other elves, the Dark Elves of Underbog were protected by their environment, and even though they had to start new lives, the elves weren't particularly hardened by it. As such, in comparison to the other elven races, the Dark Elves have something of a reputation for being 'soft', though in terms of constitution and physical strength, they're not terribly far behind a human.

Dark Elves pride themselves on keeping their aristocratic roots. Running for your lives into a subterranean cavern is no reason not to dress well and act like a nobleman. Even today, Dark Elves are known for their fashion sense and swagger. Most everything a dark elf does is done with a certain amount of panache and style.

Due to their 'softness', Dark Elves train themselves for speed in combat, as opposed to raw strength. Their faction is the Duelists, amazingly skilled fighters who put on an amazing show- So long as they're in single combat. It's said that one on one, no one can beat a Dark Elf- And not only will they win, they will look amazing doing it.

Preferred weapons of the dark elves are usually ornate longsword swords, daggers, or pistols, or even multiple sets depending on the situation, and are often dual wielded for that extra flare. Armor is almost always light, leather, if not cloth- Just because you're fighting to the death is no reason not to dress well.