Savortia - Humans - Legionnaires

Legion, Yo

Following the shattering of the Elven kingdom, the allied human nations- Savortia, Wells, and Al Reis, divvied up the lands they had won. Wells took much of the forest that hadn't been set aside for the Elves, along with a large chunk of the natural resources left behind by the fleeing elves. Al Reis helped itself to a quarter of the grassland left over, and the remaining resources, leaving Savortia to take a huge chunk of the land that was formerly Legayne, and not much else.

Originally, such a large land gain seemed good for Savortia- The government could disseminate it's people throughout it, giving away large chunks of farmland to anyone who'd be willing to work it. At first, it worked out well for all involved- Until it came time to produce.

With it's newfound size and booming population, one thing became clear- Savortia had no way to supply it's new farmers. Without supplies, very few of the farms made it very far at all.

In a single generation, Savortia grew from a strong, centralized nation to a sprawling mass of farmland without any infrastructure, support, or even much of an economy. While still a world power, Savortia is more reliant on sheer numbers in a conflict, as opposed to any equipment or strategic advantage.

Because of the nation's poor economy and large numbers, Savortians are very much encouraged to scrounge for supplies and make use of whatever they can in whatever ways they can find.

The faction of Savortia is the Legionaires. Outnumbering almost every other faction on the planet by a margin of 2 to 1, the Legionaires are highly organized, but underequipped. Trained even more than the standard Savortian to find use for refuse and scrap, legionaire units are self equipped and self sufficient, carrying makeshift equipment on them, and using their surroundings to their advantage.