Partia - Humans - Djinn

Djinn, Yo

One of the original human nations, Partia has a rich culture and history despite being cut off from the other human nations by seemingly endless stretches of desert. Although Partia is technically the largest Human country in terms of pure size, so much of it is unlivable desert that it has the lowest population of the human countries.

In Partian society, parents are encouraged to have multiple children, but great emphasis is placed on the first born child of a family. From birth, first born children are clothed in the finest clothes (With a very unique, distinctive style), fed better, and taken care of by society itself, rather than just the individual family.

At 11, the first born is pulled out of normal school and placed in a special program to prepare them for what will hopefully become their new role in society. Placed in a small 'class' of two to three children, total, they are trained in the use of magic- Even if they had little to none to begin with. What aptitude they have is greatly enhanced by training, along with special conditioning and rituals. In the meantime, they also encourage the students to rely more and more heavily on their magic to do what they need, and less and less on their physical bodies.

After sufficient training, the children are tested. If their magical prowess is high enough- Beyond that of even a fully realized archmage- They will be confirmed for graduation, consisting of the complete transformation of the child into a djinn, as well as their placement into a vessel. Though, due to training and magical requirement to turn from a human to a djinn, only a few new Djinn are born every decade.

Due to the seclusion of Partia, and the rough environment, the cities continued survival is based upon the Djinn and their powers. New Djinn continue to be made, since older Djinn grow more powerful, and with that, more mischievous. One of the observed downfalls of the current system is that the process stops the aging process, or at least greatly slows it, leaving the country with a slowly growing population of young men and women wielding immense cosmic powers.

Generally content to keep to themselves, Partia prefers to just continue ensuring it's own survival using the Djinn, though they can't easily stop a Djinn's master when they want to leave the country anyway.