Nomads - Plainsrunners - Outrunners

Nomads, Yo

Scattered throughout the grasslands of Kinsera live several different tribes of Plainsrunners. Though not united under a single banner, they all acknowledge kinship of race, even if there are large differences, physically, between them.

Not just a single 'race' of Demihumans, the Plainsrunners are made up of a spectrum of demihuman races, including mice, voles, rabbits, hares, dogs, and squirrels. Though you can find tribes consisting of one entire subrace of Plainsrunners, it's much more common to see a mixture of the bunch in a single tribe. Tribes are nomadic, moving through their planes in search of game and resources, and never staying in a single place for more than a few weeks. As such, Plainsrunner architecture doesn't exist- Villages are made up of tents and coverings that can be quickly dismantled and packed away.

Over the years, the nomadic nature of the Plainsrunners has become clouded and lost- It's simply in their culture to constantly be moving, and how they know to survive. It's speculated, however, that the ancient Nekana had something to do with this need to be in constant motion, since Nekana traditionally do no business with the Plainsrunners- Though that could be because the Plainsrunners have nothing of value to the Nekana.

The 'economy' of a Plainsrunner tribe is almost nonexistent. Plainsrunners very rarely see objects in terms of personal possession, but in terms of belonging to the tribe as a whole. Objects are taken when they are needed, and replaced at earliest convenience. This could be another reason for the disdain of the Nekana.

The faction of the Plainsrunners is the Outrunners. Taking advantage of Plainsrunner's natural speed, and wearing light armor, the Outrunners out maneuver and outflank their opponents, constantly attacking from the best angle, and insuring the opponent can't escape- At least not on foot.