New LEgayne - City Elves - Skyrazors

Birds, Yo

As the Shattering War took a turn for the worse for the elves, they quickly began to flock out of their cities and homes. Not quite as ready to return to nature as their cousins in the farmlands, the elves of the cities of Legayne did their best to simply stay out of the soldiers ways, but gradually got pushed more and more out into the wilderness and away from the stockpiles of supplies and goods they had hidden while trying to rough out the storm.

Setting up temporary homes in the grasslands of Legayne, the elves continued to make quick raids into their occupied territory, grabbing whatever supplies they could from their stockpiles and quickly running back into the 'safety' of the grasslands. Though as the stored supplies began to run short, the elves had to conduct more and more daring raids, sometimes to steal supplies from the Humans, as well as trying to navigate through their lines to the stockpiles further into their cities.

As supplies were growing shorter and shorter, the elves began to formulate plans as they continued to be pushed further and further away form their land to avoid the increasing numbers of human invaders. Finally, one daring elf had an idea- Not ideal, or even a good idea at all, but it was worth a shot. The Elves didn't have a lot of options.

A common sight in the grasslands were the massive Razorbeaks. Huge, carnivorous birds that hunted in packs, the Razorbeaks had been a constant worry for the fleeing elves- Until it was decided to try and use them to their advantage.

Capturing a small number of Razorbeaks, volunteer elves worked to domesticate the animals, and train them as mounts- A process that proved to be surprisingly easy, and quite effective. Those elves became the first Skyrazors.

Using the Razorbeaks to assist their raids, the elves had little to worry about. The bird's speed allowed them to quickly drop in where they needed to be, collect supplies, and make an escape- Often faster than the humans could respond. And woe be to the Savortian that attempted to fight off a Razorbeak.

Even after the Sundering, the City Elves continued to grow closer and closer to their new allies- Continuing to move further into the wilderness, building new cities to accommodate their own needs, as well as the needs of their mounts. Eventually, all the elves that had evacuated the countless cities of Legayne began to meet up, bringing with them the various flocks and subspecies of Razorbeak. With the help of their new allies, the City Elves began to construct a massive network of cities, sprawling along the sides of the Thelserai mountains- Out of reach of any invaders that can't fly, let alone the humans.

Unlike the other elves, the City Elves of New Legayne weren't physically affected by their new environment, so they retain their light skin colors and 'normal' eye and hair colors, by human standards. But, over time, their symbiosis with the Razorbeaks deepened. For every elf born, a Razorbeak is also born- And the two form a complete whole. Able to communicate with their bird telepathically, the elves learn to ride their birds almost as naturally as they learn to walk and talk. Though, just because every City Elf has a Razorbeak partner doesn't mean that every set is a member of the Skyrazors.

The faction of New Legayne is the Skyrazors, flying shock troopers who specialize in hit and run attacks. While not as powerful as a dragon, Skyrazors still dominate the sky with their speed and viciousness, while keeping out of reach of most combatants using small pistols and long spears. The preferred armor of the Skyrazors is leather or chainmail, often decorated with discarded feathers from the Razorbeaks from within the family and within their unit.