Nekana - Nekana - Business & Ninjas

Cats, Yo

In the shadow of the Famarii mountain range lies the capital city of Nekana, crown jewel of the Nekana kingdom. Almost as ubiquitous as humans themselves, the Nekana have ingrained themselves in societies around the world- Though it's not uncommon for Nekana to hide their feline features and blend in with human societies

A demihuman race, Nekana are humans with catlike features- Generally pointed ears atop their head, long, dexterous (Though not prehensile) tails, built in claws, catlike eyes, and occasionally patches of fur on extremities. Commonly, their hair tends to have patches and patterns of color, as well as being in colors more commonly associated with cats than humans- Off whites, oranges, and even deep blues.

A matriarchal society, Nekana is mostly controlled by it's women. Ruled over by a queen and and a largely female parliament, girls are taught at a young age that they will grow to become the leaders of their generation. Boys are brought up to be the manual labor and the service force within the kingdom, girls are trained to be the business owners and leaders.

More, Nekana are shrewd businesspeople, keeping a close eye on the ebb and flow of the economies of nearly every country in the world. It's often said that the Nekana entrepreneurs will collaborate with their counterparts in other countries to create runs and shortages on goods, and then sell them at a premium.

Officially, Nekana is completely neutral in all affairs- Their faction, the Business Corps, is non-military, spreading throughout the world to help the other countries manage their finances, and to expand their own businesses. In reality, the faction of Nekana are the Ninja. Using the Business Corps as a front, the various ninja cartels have their hands in anything that suits their specific needs- Crime, espionage, even assassinations.

For every one girl trained for the Business Corps, there are three trained as ninja. Taking advantage of the Nekana's feline speed, heightened senses and flexibility, they are trained to be near perfect warriors, striking swiftly from the shadows and disappearing without a trace.

The ninja aren't simply dedicated to combat, however. Making up the real backbone of the Nekana empire's economy through illegal imports and exports, the ninja cartels are responsible a rather large chunk of theft throughout the world. But due to their skill and caution, it's next to impossible to prove they've stolen anything at all- Even when they turn around and attempt to sell it back to you.