Kokoniel - Dragons - Engineers

Dragons, Yo

Due to a perpetual cloud hanging over the mountain, the summit of Mount Gan'ar is never seen from the countries below it. What is known is that the peak serves as the home of one of the few strongholds of the extremely illusive dragons. Naturally defended by the harsh terrain of the mountain, along with the extremely harsh weather and a large number of Revenants left on the mountain itself following the poorly planned Draconic War, it's said that no human has ever seen the summit- At least, none that weren't specially invited by the dragons themselves.

Beneath the cloud, the summit is actually a humanistic city, sprawling along a tangle of gears and steam vents, digging deep into the mountain itself. Despite being high in the mountains and right in the middle of a perpetual snow, the fortress city of Kokoniel is quite warm and inviting to the dragons. Despite a deep distrust of humans, dragons are more commonly found in their humanoid forms, simply for the sake of space. Rarely, dragons have also been known to court the other races, producing half dragons.

Dragons themselves come in all shapes and sizes. Common features are vibrant scales of blues, reds, yellows, blacks, purples, and very rarely greens (Though never mixed). Large horns, various wing shapes and sizes, and elementally charged breath. Dragon genetics are something of a mystery though, two red scaled dragons with fiery breath can have a child with blue scales and icy breath.

In their humanoid forms, dragons have very human features- Other than retaining patches of scales at various points on the body, along with their powerful tails, wings, and horns. It's next to impossible to tell a dragon in human form from a born halfdragon- Not that there's really any difference at all.

Though widely considered to be single-mindedly intelligent, with no brains for anything but mechanical work, the dragons of Kokoniel are actually among the most skilled craftsmen in the world. Mechanically minded with good eyes for problem solving, the dragons boast some of the most advanced technology in the world- Including a monopoly on the market for airships, which the dragons consider a right of passage to construct.

Though distrustful of almost every other nation and race, young dragons will mostly do apprentice work outside of Kokoniel, as even an inexperienced dragonblooded mechanic is still (usually) better than some of the most skilled human or elven mechanics. Upon completion of the apprenticship, they return to Kokoniel and assume work as a full mechanic.

The faction of Kokoniel is the draconic Engineers. Using their mechanical skill and know how, they take to the field with mechanical monsters that barely seem to function, and can quickly repair most damaged mechanical devices.