Garpaath - Snow Elves - Frostborn

Snow Elves, Yo

After the Sundering War shattered the unified elven kingdom of Legayne, the elves occupying the northern villages within the kingdom were pushed further north by the land annexes of Al Reis and Savortia. Kicked out of their land, and with only one place to go, the elves moved into the only free land still available to them- The frozen, rocky wastelands and mountains of Garpaath.

Initially unsuited for the harsh terrain, the old and frail fell ill and died before the relocation was even complete. Within two generations, the elves were accustomed to the cold and dark, and within five, they had completely adapted to it.

The Snow Elves, as they came to be known, are one of the hardest and heartiest races on Kinsera. Although they retain the small stature of elves, they are physical powerhouses with the strength and stamina to put any hardened warrior to shame.

Shaped by the hardships of Garpaath, Snow Elves have taken a bluish skin tone, and cool colors of hair- Blue, purples, and greys. They retain the elves long, sweeping, pointed ears, and their eyes glow a deep blue. As a people, they put their strength and stamina to work in the mines of the mountains, not only mining and processing the ore, but shaping it into masterwork weapons and armor to be sold, mostly to the other Elf nations.

The heart of the Snow Elves of Garpaath are the Frostborn. Beginning at a young age, the Frostborn are elves who put extra effort into conditioning their bodies for physical exertion and hardships, often going barefoot in the frost for months on end, and working to custom make their own weapons and armor from the beginning, from mining the ore to forging the weapon itself. For armor, however, the less they're wearing, the better, much to the chagrin of the other Elven nations who fight along side them. And due to their hard work and training, a Frostborn's bare skin can be as tough as any armor fielded by any other nation.

Weapons of choice for Frostborn are massive weapons of all sorts requiring both hands to swing, and immense physical strength to keep control over. Frostborn are notorious for wading into enemy ranks in little more armor than what keeps them decent, and coming out without so much as a scratch.