Al Reis - Humans - Alchemists

Transmutation, Yo

Secluded within the ivory towers of Khemia, the alchemists of Al Reis value knowledge above all else. Schooled in both magic and science from a young age, the children taken into the Alchemical academies are trained to make something of nothing. More accurately, they're trained to take trace elements from the world around them and transmute them into useful objects. As one of the many human nations, Al Reis considers itself to be a global power, and with it's powerful alchemy, it's hard to argue.

While the alchemical schools, as well as all the government buildings, are held in the floating towers, the land below is largely verdant grassland and farms, worked by the lower class of Al Reis society- Largely comprised of humans with absolutely no magical aptitude or know how, or simply those who failed out of the academies. The upper class, along with the Ruling Council, all live within the floating towers, clusters of which can be found dotting the entire country.

The ruling council of Al Reis consists of eight members, all graduates from the Khemia academy. The council focuses more on the running of the various academies and maintaining the tower cities than the actual running of the country. The credentials of the council are also based upon alchemy- Successful creation of a homonculus will automatically get an alchemist admittance.

The economy of Al Reis is based entirely on barter for raw materials. Currency from other nations, while accepted, is still treated by the value of it's base components, as it's summarily broken down as soon as the transaction is complete.

As a whole, the Alchemists of Al Reis have a superior attitude, claiming their alchemical abilities greater than any force any other nation or race can wield, surpassing even that of the Djinn of Partia (Who, on a personal level, they think as childish and stupid). Al Reis considers itself not only the most advanced of the human countries in culture, but far more advanced than the demihumans of the world. They are a particularly coveted target for the economic advances of the Nekana- The Nekana feel that Al Reis doesn't know the true value of gold, where Al Reis believes Nekana to be foolish when trading mass quantities of grain.

The faction of Al Reis is it's alchemists. Usually the first ones into any of the world's conflicts, their alchemy makes them quite dangerous to their opponents. Their tactics, however, are suspect- It's rumored that the alchemists sacrificed several armies at the end of the Draconic War during the invasion of Mount Gan'ar, and raised them again as revenants in order to cover their own retreat.