Oleai Canyonsunder

Picture of Oleai

History, or "How she left the tribe.":

Oleai Windspeaker was one of eight children in this generation of the Windspeaker family. Her family's role in the caravan was to summon the wind to power sails adorning the Tribe's large wagons, easing in their movement across the plains and from camp to camp. Not a prodigy, but by no means untalented, Oleai took very well to the Wind-magic her mother and father taught her. (Aside, On Windspeaker magic: The Rabbit-Mages in the Windspeaker family focus primarily on creating powerful gusts of wind, though it is not uncommon for them to train in altering the Earth as well. Rumors speak of more powerful control over the elements) The time came for Oleai to begin to learn how to alter and control the Earth.

An excitable and dutiful student, Oleai spent most of her free time away from the Tribe and practicing her magics at a (what she thought to be) safe distance. A bit naive, perhaps, during their yearly migration from the southern plains to the northern plains, Oleai ventured up into the canyons to practice. Growing ever more confident in her abilities, she attempted to reshape a boulder into a statue of herself - drawing nearby stone away to create the vain monument. In doing so, she inadvertantly weakened the ground beneath her. With a catastrophic crack, crash and tumble; the mountainside came sliding down into the canyon valley - Blocking it entirely (The spry Mage-woman escaping thanks to an upward leap, and a parachute down). The migration, the entire cycle of tribal travel was broken. The blame laid squarely on Oleai's tiny shoulders. Shamed, humiliated and scorned for her actions, she was stripped of the name Windspeaker and rebranded as Canyonsunder, a testiment to her crime. This shame came with banishment from the Plainsrunner lands, never to return.

Oleai longs to return home, to her family and her tribe. Believing the only way to do this, would be to bring an equal amount of prosperity or good-tidings to the nomadic Plainsrunner people. She's packed up, and since then has journied to find and achieve just that.


Quirky, curious and cautious. Oleai tends to stay on the lighter and softer side of things, always seeing the best in people, or situations. Generally naive of the brutality of the outside world, given her rough-yet-sheltered lifestyle before her journey began.

Physical Description:

Oleai stands roughly 6'6" tall, weighing in at about 215~lbs, mostly thanks to her legs. A Rabbit-Demihuman Plainsrunner, she's adorned with many of their traits; the long ears pointed skyward, the bushy cotton-tail, the fur-covering, and of course the near-oversized hips and legs for birthing and running\jumping. Able to make a standing-leap of nearly 25 feet, and sprint upwards of 70mph (Sprinting. 40mph cross-country would be considered a 'comfortable' pace). Oleai's upper-frame is petite. Small shoulders, arms, and bust; all contrasted by her wide hips and large muscular legs.

A Mage of her tribe, her garb ranges from practical to ceremonial. The open plains of her homeland and the always-on-the-move lifestyle called for airy, light garb; usually a sort of strapped-top and loincloth, covered over with her Windspeaker cloak. (Described later). Post-banishment, she's tended to bundle herself up for travel around strange company; slipping a dull-brown robe on to cover her more traditional Plainsrunner garb, along with a large backpack to support her pack-rat tendancies.

A few trinkets and treasure in her posession she keeps on her body at all times: A jade bracelet upon her left wrist, a golden ring around her right ear (Resting atop her head), along with various tribal jewelry, beads, and adornments. Hanging on her hip is a Tambourine featuring the Plainsrunner emblem (A paw-print burnt into a tanned hide); and of course: Her Windspeaker cloak. An invention of her family, and unique to Oleai's particular Plainsrunner tribe; this clothing article is made of a specially cured and tanned leather hide to keep it flexible while remaining strong under harsh winds. The cloak is attached via metal bracelets to the wearer's wrists, waist, and ankles. Appearing to be a multi-tiered and rather colorful cloak; it's true purpose comes from the Windspeaker who wears it: The parachute-like cloak can be filled with a powerful gust of wind to carry the wearer a short distance by air, or extend a leap by upwards of a hundred feet over distance, or fifty feet straight up. Also usable as a viable parachute for safe and softer landings. The cloak is stained with the family crest (A tribal-looking symbol dipicting wind across a valley) and various dyes to give it a blue pigment.

Basic Information

Name: Oleai Canyonsunder

Race: Lagomora Plainsrunner

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Height: 6' 6"

Hair Color (fur): Light Brown, splotches of gray.

Hair Color (head): Dark dirty blonde\Tan

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality: Plainsrunners