Picture of Nasir

Much like others of his race, Nasir is a capable engineer. However, he hardly has time to tinker, and it's been as such for several decades. Why? Well, Nasir has a pleasant disposition, even when in the presence of other races. What does this have to do with engineering? Well, it's because he's not. He's an emissary. Most of his race are distrustful, and even down right rude to most of the other races. Though it's a mystery whether or not Nasir distrusts others, he certainly doesn't act as such. This dragon treats everyone with kindness, always flashing his best smile.

Nasir, when in humanoid form, towers over most, his impressive wingspan potentially making him even more imposing. He wears humble garb and keeps his stance neutral in order to curb fearful tendencies in others. Though he appears thin and lithe, make no mistake Nasir is quite strong and weighs quite a bit. His tail is long, and also quite powerful, forking at the end with sharp barbs at the tail's tip. In his true form, Nasir is a large dragon with gorgeous black scales and many spikes and frills; these provide protection during an aerial fight. Unfortunately, he makes a very poor mount. In this form, he has the ability to breath fire.

Aside from his kindness, Nasir was chosen as an emissary because of his power. Most of his draconic breathren are occupied with engineering, whereas when Nasir is not on a mission for Kokoniel, he is practicing his aerial combat. Thankfully, he is not aggressive, and will only fight when it's absolutely necessary.

Basic Information

Name: Nasir Blackwing

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 92

Height: 6' 2"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Complexion: Light (Human) Black (Dragon)

Breath: Fire

Nationality: Kokoniel