Kyrie Watanabe

Picture of Kyrie

Kyrie Watanabe stands as the youngest daughter of Yoshiko, matriarch of the Lucky Paw clan: once one of the First Families but now only barely ranked among nobility. As the face of the clan beyond the borders of her nation, for the last year she's traveled from realm to realm securing trade deals for the textiles and clothing of her family’s holdings, seeking to prove both her own worth and her family's to Lillen, matriarch of the Cat’s Eye clan and leader of Nekana, and restore her own clan to the rank it held before the start of her reign (a decision not to be judged, but perhaps one that shall eventually be reconsidered). With enough success, she's sure to demonstrate that the Lucky Paw deserves to return to the highest ranks (a fact assuredly overlooked). Indeed, embodying the honor and qualities of her clan and her homeland is always at the front of her mind; however far she is from home, a part of her is always in Nekana, and she's always eager to demonstrate such.

Perhaps surprisingly, it's only shortly before the start of her travels that Kyrie completed her training, one of those few to pursue both the dual arts of her nation (simple for any daughter of Lucky Paw, as her mother has oft said). In the process, she gained high marks in her skill at ninjitsu and a passable knowledge of business practices and diplomacy. Unfortunately for her, over the course of her education she discovered that it was the latter where her true interests fell. (But isn't pursuing a lesser skill truly a sign of devotion?) A number of aspects influenced this realization, but most pressingly was the criticism and judgement of Yandice: first daughter of Lillen, close friend of Kyrie’s elder sisters, and one whose opinion must always be heard (any harshness is of course simply a test of her focus).

While her mother was disappointed in her decision, she found a place for Kyrie despite. And so it was that Kyrie was granted the position of ambassador of the clan, charged with arranging foreign contracts and advancing her family's interests and influence abroad (all the better to learn the ways of business before being allowed to direct the clan's holdings at home). While few Nekana are willing to spend such time beyond the borders in such close contact with outsiders, there is always need for such, after all (an honored position despite being chosen by such few). A deep sacrifice by both mother and daughter, but one each understands well the need of.

At around 5 feet tall and just over 100 pounds, Kyrie's about average in height and build for Nekana. When coupled with her tendency for wearing bland, somewhat boring or drab clothing, this makes her excellent for blending into the background - like most ninja, Kyrie tends not to be noticed unless she wants to be, which is usually fine with her (the arts of stealth must always be practiced, after all). While she doesn't mind talking with others, she does have a definite streak of introversion when not performing her role (as any good Nekana must). It's common for her to slip out of non-business conversations she doesn't have much interest in or where she has nothing to say while others are busy with one another (why waste a resource as valuable as time?), often without her absence caught for some time. And though she'd admit it to few, tales told across her youth have given her a certain interest in lesser cultures (purely academic, the better to negotiate), her position giving her ample opportunity to observe the ways of those beyond her homeland and perhaps bring some culture to them (for certainly, there's nothing more for her to learn).

Basic Information

Name: Kyrie Watanabe

Race: Nekana

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Height: 5' 0"

Hair Color: Calico

Eye Color: Yellow

Nationality: Nekana