Alda Reiniger

Picture of Alda

Lithe would be the first term to come to mind when someone new set eyes on Alda Reiniger. She bore the physique of one that had never been expected to, asked to, or bothered to engage in manual labor. At 5' 5" and 130lb, there simply was not much to the woman. Alda had been born into the upper class of Al Reis society, and had managed to ride her upper-class upbringing throughout her schooling, entering and graduating from one of the most prestigious institutions near the top of her class. The military recognized her magical prowess, and she coasted through her required career. After her discharge, which she managed to arrange a year early, she devoted herself to her research.

Put simply, most people think of Alda as lazy although she prefers to think of herself as efficient. She has devoted much of her alchemical research into devising ways to accomplish complex alchemy in the simplest ways possible. Her wish is to take much of the dull, repetitiveness out of alchemy. Her research has led to several breakthroughs in the backbones of alchemy, which have gone on to overshadow the classmates that graduated above her, and even overturned some of the work of her former professors. She has been hailed in research reviews as one of the most brilliant alchemists of the modern age, and reviled by those she has left in her wake. That being said, she has not published anything for several years now. Rumors have it that she has been locked away in her quarters, experimenting to no end. She regularly accepts new graduates as assistants, although they often leave her as quickly as they come.

Boredom. The amber eyes of Alda Reiniger were often filled with the emotion when looking out at the world that she had been raised in. It was not that the world was boring; quite the opposite, she found everything fascinating, but she also understood how it worked, how it came apart, and how it could be put back together. It simply held little interest for her any longer. She constantly needs to be learning something new, some method of making things simpler and more logical. To this end, she had been devoting herself to a mysterious line of research, a project that most of her people had abandoned generations before as impossible.

Alda treats most newcomers as a puzzle that must be disassembled, figured out, and reassembled. She is curious to a fault about anything new to her, quite good at quickly determining what needs to be done about it, and finding the quickest way to accomplish that and get back to what she was doing.

Alda was of average height, with bum-length hair that faded from black to light brown as it went down. Her piercing amber eyes were the most notable thing about her appearance; that and just how little there was to her. Not much in the way of muscle or fat was on her frame from a life lived mostly in research labs, engrossed in research. She was physically useless in a fight, which had contributed to her short military career. However, she was brilliant at using her alchemy to end a fight quickly. The only reason her military career had not ended earlier was her brilliance at strategy.

Basic Information

Name: Alda Reiniger

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Height: 5' 5"

Hair Color: Black fading to light brown

Eye Color: Amber

Complexion: Light

Nationality: Al Reis