My mind loves absorbing new things constantly, so I am always involving myself in new hobbies. These are a sampling of some of the things that I have found myself interested in at one time or another.


I am fascinated by technology and the effects that it has on our world as a whole and each individual person. Computers to me are like an unlimited canvas or a sculpture that has no bounds in reality. When I look at a piece of high technology, I see something with limitless potential. This is a listing of my tools of the trade.

Retro Computing

History has always been a personal passion of mine, and combined with my love of computers, it has developed into a fascination with Retro Computing. This is the art of repairing, restoring, and actively using old pieces of technology. It takes different forms for different people; for me, I enjoy spending my time repairing old machines in order to experience what using them was like. Here are some of my projects and current machines.

Null's Game

Null's Game is an RP adventure that Caitlin got me involved in. I enjoy Role Playing online, especially with her, and finding a wonderful group and an excellent storyline makes for an exciting time with friends! We play every weekend. Read in here for more info, and to meet some of the characters!