My Computers

These are the various computers that I own. As you will be able to tell soon enough, I am a Mac user / Apple Fanatic. I’ve found that the Mac OS tends to do more of what I need out of my OS, and it suits my needs just fine. Plus, Apple tends to make some nifty hardware; my favorite is the iMac G4. So long as Apple keeps making decent machines, and my workflow doesn’t change drastically, they have me for the foreseeable future.

My desk

My desk is where I do all of my work. From left to right, we have my two Apple Cinema Displays hooked up to the Mac Pro. Underneath the left one is a cubby for my 12" PowerBook G4, and under the right a cubby for my keyboard and mouse. Continuing right, we have a Monitor //c, a 9" monochrome CRT with my Raspberry Pi underneath hooked into it. Under that is a space for my 11" MacBook Air. On the right of the desk surface is my Mac Pro, and off to the side is a bookshelf with my Mac Mini server and other networking equipment on top of it. My desk is my command center, a sort of Lee Central. The desk itself is huge, heavy, deep, has far too much drawer space, and serves its purpose wonderfully.

Mac Pro (Mid 2010)

2010 Mac Pro

3.2GHz Intel Xeon (W3670) CPU (6-core)
49152 megs RAM
2x 20" LCD (1680x1050)
Mac OS X 10.13 / Windows 10
This is my primary desktop. This beast came to me lightly used for an incredibly solid price. The computer is an absolute screamer in terms of performance and has an absolute ton of expansion options available for the future if needed. Given that it has in it a 6-core CPU, can take up to 56GB RAM, has five open disk slots, several open PCIe slots, and can take a new GPU in the future, this machine has almost no end to future expansion as my needs change.

MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2011)


1.6GHz Intel Core i5 (2467M) CPU (2-core)
2048 megs RAM
120 gigs solid state storage
11.6” LCD (1366x768)
Mac OS X 10.11 / Windows 10
I purchased this MacBook Air to be a classroom computer for teaching, and it quickly earned a place as my primary notebook. It is small, light, and powerful enough to run everything I need to keep with me at all times. The combination of small size, power, and the ability to run Windows on occasion makes this little notebook a wonderful little computer.

Mac mini (late 2012)

Mac mini Unibody

2.3GHz Intel Core i7 (3615QM) CPU (4-core)
16384 megs RAM
500GB SSD, 3.5TB HDD
Virtual display
Mac OS X 10.11
This is my server, the very machine that hosts this website. As a Mac mini, it offers a small, quiet, low-power server for my needs. I use it to host this website, as a media and file server for my home, and as an always-accessible computer for my needs while out and about. It's a wonderful little machine, and packs an astounding amount of power into a tiny, unobtrusive enclosure.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

700MHz Broadcom BCM2835 CPU (1-core)
512 megs RAM
8 gigs SD Card storage
9” Monochrome CRT
Raspbian Jessie
This Pi has been used any times for many different small tasks, and it now finds itself living in a Mac Mini G4 case, hooked into an Apple Monitor //c. It gives me a wonderful blast of nostalgia, a useful little linux computer, and a fun way to SSH into my various machines. Besides, the monitor is one of the most adorable little monitors that has ever been made!

iPhone SE

White iPhone SE

1.85GHz Apple A9 CPU (2-core)
2048 megs RAM
64 gigs solid state storage
4” integrated Multi-Touch LCD (640x1136)
iOS 10
This is my primary pocket device. All that I ask of whatever I carry in my pocket is that it grant instant access to whatever information I need at every moment. No biggie, right? iOS has handled this role for me since my first iPhone back in late 2007, and shows no signs of relenting its hold in my pocket. This particular iPhone replaced an iPhone 5 that I'd had for three years. I generally upgrade whenever Apple doubles the RAM in their phones, as those tend to be supported the longest. This phone is astoundingly snappy, and I plan on getting at least another three out of it as well!

iPad Air 2 (cellular)

iPad Air 2 in black

1.5GHz Apple A8 CPU (3-core)
2048 megs RAM
128 gigs solid state storage
9.7” integrated Multi-Touch LCD (1536x2048)
iOS 10
The iPad is an interesting device. Similar to the iPhone, I have had one since the original in 2010, and my view on it constantly changes. Today, I use my iPad as a reading, browsing, and gaming device, and it works wonderfully for those uses. However, since getting the Air 2 in early 2016, I have been making great use of the multitasking features on it, and have found that they turn the iPad into a profoundly different device than I have been accustomed to, and that it is surprisingly decent to use for productivity tasks. It has been creeping further and further into my normal computer uses, and I can only see it continuing to do so.

iPad mini 2

First-generation iPad mini

1.3GHz Apple A7 CPU (2-core)
1024 megs RAM
16 gigs solid state storage
7.9” integrated Multi-Touch LCD (1536x2048)
iOS 10
This iPad lives its life mostly in the bedroom as a nighttime browsing device. I prefer the small size, light weight, and overall size of the iPad mini while I'm laying in bed, and yet I still get the full iPad software abilities, along with the subset of multitasking that the mini 2 supports.


Original iPhone

412MHz ARM 1176JZ(F)-S CPU (1-core)
128 megs RAM
4 gigs solid state storage
3.5” integrated Multi-Touch LCD (320x480)
iPhone OS 1
This is my original iPhone, still in use by me today as an iPod. For a nearly decade-old phone, it still works amazingly well, and the battery is holding up brilliantly as well. I have it restored down to iPhone OS 1, its original release, as a point of comparison to how far iOS has evolved since its inception. I have two other original iPhones in the collection, a pristine one in my display cabinet and a nearly-pristene one on my desk, but the 4GB stays with me as a treasured little memory.

PowerBook G4 (12-inch, 2005)

PowerBook G4 12-inch

1.5GHz PowerPC G4 (PPC7450) CPU (1-core)
1280 megs RAM
256 gigs solid state storage
12.1” integrated LCD (1024x768)
Mac OS X 10.5
This is my primary laptop for school usage. This little machine is the same notebook that served me well all throughout college, and now it serves me once again for school. It remains a small, fairly light, and fully-featured notebook for all my usage at school. The built-in optical drive is still useful while at school, and the keyboard on this machine has yet to be surpassed in my opinion. I'm looking forward to many more years of usage from it.

Power Mac G5 (PCI-X 2)

Power Mac G5

Dual 2.0GHz IBM Power PC G5 (PPC970fx) CPUs (2x1-core)
8192 megs RAM
1000 gigs hybrid SSD/HDD storage
20"LCD (1680x1050)
Mac OS X 10.5
This Power Mac G5 came to me several years ago, and I have been working on restoring and upgrading it since. I now have it completely working, upgraded it its maximum specs, and running like a champ. It provides me a fun, older PowerPC Mac to play with, and a beautiful piece of industrial engineering to have on my desk.

iMac G4

15-inch iMac G4

800MHz Motorola PowerPC G4 (PPC7445) CPU (1-core)
1024 megs RAM
500 gigs rotating storage
15” LCD Display (1024x768)
Mac OS X 10.5
This iMac lives its life in my kitchen, serving up recipes and providing me with music while I cook. With the Apple Pro Speakers, it makes for a great little stereo. It is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Macintosh SE

Macintosh SE

8MHz Motorola 68000 CPU (1-core)
4 megs RAM
20 megs rotating storage
9” Black & White CRT (512x342)
System 7.1
This little machine has been one of my longest-term projects. It has gone from a nonfunctional state to a mostly working state over the last several years, although it still needs a little work. It boots and runs fine, but the flyback transformer on the CRT most likely needs to be replaced. This computer has proven to be a fascinating project, and it is always amazing to see just how much can be done with so little hardware.

Apple IIc+

Apple IIc+ with monitor

1-4MHz MOS Technologies 6502 CPU (1-core)
128 kilobytes RAM
160 kilobytes rotating storage
12” Color CRT (High Resolution)
Apple ProDOS
This is my oldest computer, as well as one of my favorites. It harkens back to a day when you could startup your computer and write your own programs for it without any trouble. A descendant of the Apple II and a member of that line of famed computers, this a great and fun addition to my collection. It’s a great machine, and the keyboard is wonderful.