Lee James Farrell

The Student Government Years

When we last left Mr. Farrell, he was celebrating his acceptance to the University of South Florida, an institution that he would come to know all too well. New experiences such as the Student Government awaited him, and new skills stretched ahead as far as the eye can see.

A chance encounter with a member of the Student Government would change Lee's life. When he started, little did he know how far he would go in the organization. He is currently serving his third year in the Senate, and has held numerous leadership positions in the Senate, including:

His first year was marked by his position as Vice Chairman of Apporpriations, making him the second-in-command of nearly twelve million dollars. His level head came into play in this position, and he helped to keep the ship of Student Government running smoothly.

It was in his position as Chairman of the Senate Committee on University Affairs that he truly tested himself to see what he could do with his office and the authority granted to him. His experiences that year showed him the value of planning ahead and when one can and cannot rely on people for help. The position brought him happiness and grief, often at the same time. It was after a year in that office that he stepped down to become the Vice Chairman of Community and Government Affairs. The burden of leadership had simply become too much for the poor Engineering student.

The story continues in the next installment - A Major Switch.

Lee Farrell currently resides in a lovely flat in Athlone, Ireland. Geek to the core, Lee can often be found helping out in the retrocomputing community and chatting in various Doctor Who forums. He can also be reached via e-mail. Please don't spam - that's just not cool.